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Tristin Greyeyes (she/her)

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Executive Director

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

Treaty 6

Meet The Festival Team


Jacob Farrell (he/him)

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Festival Director

Peepeekisis Cree Nation

Treaty 4


Makasha Kay-Bigeagle (she/her)

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Festival Leader

Kawacatoose First Nation

Treaty 4

Our Mission

This festival is dedicated to elevating Indigenous narratives, fostering Indigenous language revitalization, and empowering the youth. We advocate for artists and storytellers to establish roots and contribute to Treaty 6 Territory. Moreover, the festival extends its impact beyond its annual event by providing year-round film programming tailored for youth audiences, investing in storytelling for generations to come.


The Ācimowin Film Festival is committed to collaboration with community organizations that share our core values, aiming to strengthen the festival's foundation and forge lasting connections while maintaining eco-friendly initiatives.


Conceived with the intent to inspire the next generation of Indigenous filmmakers and bolster the filmmaking movement in Saskatchewan, our overarching goal is to establish the festival as an annual fixture while preserving its grassroots essence, ensuring it remains a platform predominantly led and influenced by Indigenous storytellers.

The Ācimowin Film Festival envisions a future where Indigenous filmmaking is not only normalized but celebrated, contributing to the cultivation of a robust film industry accessible to all and providing a vital platform for Indigenous cinema to thrive on the prairies.


"When I talk about narrative sovereignty, what I'm really talking about is the ability of the nations to have some measure of control over the stories that are told about themselves... Throughout the entire history of filmmaking, the-overwhelming majority of the stories told about Indigenous peoples - both fictional and documentaries - have been told by non-Indigenous peoples."

- Jesse Wente, author "Unreconciled: Family, Truth and Indigenous Resistance"

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